Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RIP Twinkies

By now you may have heard that the company that makes Twinkies may be going out of business.
I haven't eaten a Twinkie in at least five years so, honestly IDGAF but to all you Twinkie lover's out there this post is dedicated to you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

All this hungry bish wants is her chicken yall

She probably will be serving chicken on Thanksgiving

Would you pay $59.00 for this?

It seems like every celebrity who has made it comes out with a signature fragrance. Usher, Britney, Mariah, and Puff Pastry I meant Diddy have all launched fragrances.
I'm sure plenty of work goes into the concept and packaging of the final product. After many long meetings and sketch submissions her team gives the OK for this bobble head bottle?
I don't even care if it smells good. I cannot see this ratchet bottle sitting next to my Dior, or the rest of my fragrance collection.

Why do broke people...

Why do broke people think wearing pictures of money is some how going to rub off on them and make them rich?

Look at this clown. I bet he snuck on the train to get the party. One of his boys probably works at the club and let him in free.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nicki Minaj Goes in on Mariah Carey

From the moment the rumors began to circulate that Nicki Minaj might join the "American Idol" judges' panel alongside Mariah Carey, people started to speculate about how the two larger-than-life superstars would get along. And the speculation has continued since Minaj was confirmed as a judge, at which point both women went on record to assure everyone that there was absolutely no animosity between the two of them — at the time.

It appears that the co-workers have hit a bump in their working relationship, judging from a video obtained by TMZ on Tuesday (October 2) that shows Minaj and Carey in a heated argument during audition rounds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The shooter of the video has not yet been identified, though judging from the camera angle, the clip might have been captured by someone involved with the production or someone who was granted access to the audition rooms. It is also unclear what caused the heated exchange because the clip opens in the middle of a back-and-forth between Minaj and Carey.

"I'm not going to take it back, and if you've got a f---ing problem, handle it," Minaj says to the room. Fellow judge Keith Urban, who was sitting between Minaj and Carey, looks like he's trying to calm down Minaj, who seems to tune out everyone else in the room and continues her rant.

"I told them, I'm not f---ing putting up with her f---ing highness over there," says Minaj, at which point you can hear Carey react. "Figure it out!" Minaj yells repeatedly.

"Ohhhhh, why, why, why?" Carey responds. In the midst of Minaj's loud reactions, it sounds like Carey brings up the subject of her two children, whom she would like to be spending time with versus arguing.

"Good, well then go see them now. Go see them now!" Minaj shoots back.

The clip ends mid-argument, with a helpless Keith Urban stuck in the middle.

According to gossip site Mouth to Ears, the dispute escalated to a point that caused producers to shut down production so the two ladies could have time to cool off.

MTV News reached out to Minaj's camp but have yet to receive a statement about the incident.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I haven't seen the movie "Act like a lady, Think like a man" yet. The only reason I'd want to see it is Kevin Hart. I don't give a fuck about the hype.  I think I'll wait until it comes on T.V. or *cough* watch the bootleg.

Is this bish in the illuminati?

This Illuminati Mason New World Order shit is getting outta hand! They letting anybody in. This Bish got lashes and everything.